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Meredith Malaga Portfolio

Commissions Currently Open.

Welcome to my Portfolio! 

All of the artwork on this site has been commissioned and therefore sold.  Reach out for any custom projects or to replicate any work you see on this site.

Also, please see my new Redbubble "store" here to purchase my designs, printed on demand, on many different products!


About Me

Mostly self taught - I was just always drawing and creating things,

coloring or writing something in bubble letters.  My grandfather seriously suggested

one day that I major in bubble letters in college...


When I purchased a Paint Your Own Pottery studio in 1999, it afforded me many interesting opportunities. I painted countless custom orders seen throughout this site and many more that were never photographed; I was commissioned by Heineken USA to paint the

Amstel Light logo on over 100 platters (!!!) for their top sales people and to paint the same image live, onto a canvas, at their yearly sales convention (I can see that logo in my sleep); I designed an American Flag safety pin bracelet which was featured in USA Today and local media outlets - the proceeds of online and in-store sales helped raise money for the Twin Towers fund.   


I have had some very interesting freelance jobs throughout the years including painting figurine prototypes for the Danbury Mint and working as a Visual Merchandiser for Hasbro at Licensing Shows and Toy Fairs around the country.    


I will continue to update this site as I create new work.

  Feel free to contact me with any questions or project inquiries. 

Thank you for taking the time to view my portfolio.  

This mural is actually over my parent's bathtub.  

I practically lived in this tub for 2 weeks - not very comfortable!  My parents were very surprised when they returned from their vacation.  They haven't painted over it...yet...

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